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Send and receive SMS messages through Volunteer Roster

You can send a mass message to every volunteer in your club or just those signed up for a particular event. When you send a message you have the option of delivering it as an SMS, email or notification.

SMS replies can then be received through Volunteer Roster and optionally forward to your phone.

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Subscription Plans

You can swap your subscription around at any time

Monthly Plan
$25 /month
charged monthly
  • Easily change your subscription at any time
  • 9.8¢ / SMS message
  • Free email support
6 Month Plan
$23 /month
$138 every 6 months
  • Save 8%!
  • 9.8¢ / SMS message
  • Free email support


You have a question? Someone else might have had the exact same one

Sometimes users make typos, or choose not to receive SMS messages from the system. In these cases we automatically forward the SMS on as an email and let them know why it failed to send.

If for some reason the email doesn't go through then we automatically send the message as a notification within the system.

Yes! You can change any of the logo images used.

This includes the logo seen on every page, the login logo, and the favicon seen in your browser tab.

Reminders will be sent one week and one day before each event by default, but this can be changed to anything you'd like.

Not necessarily. Volunteers can sign up for events without an account but they won't be able to manage their profile or provide documentation and they'll need to fill out their details each time.

It's exactly the same as having a full account.

When you sign up you'll still need to provide your billing details, but we won't charge you until 30 days have expired and you can cancel at any time with the click of a button.

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